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All Umrah+ packages

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GO-Makkah participates in the World Halal Travel Summit & Exhibition in Abu Dhabi from 19th to 21th October
GO-Makkah is present at the first meeting of the World Halal tourism “The World Halal Travel Summit & Exhibition”, which is the largest gathering of travel professionals Halal ever...

Advice for the pilgrim

Advice for the pilgrim


To have an Imam in your group is important for you to overcome pilgrims’ poor preparation. This will ensure a proper performance of rituals obligations. Talk to your agency.

Media Space

Media Space
GO-Makkah marked its presence in the Hajj and Umrah exhibition for the year 2010 in Europe. This prominent presence generated the appreciation of our visitors as well as numerous professional contacts.



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The Hajj School

Islam sets certain conditions under which it becomes compulsory for a Muslim to perform Hajj. One must possess: Physical and mental capability and can assure his family's...
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Islamic calendar and muslim feasts

 Dates to retain

  •  Ramadan 2013 ?
  • The Night of the fate ( Laylat-l-Qadr) on 2013?
  •  Aïd Al-Fitr on 2013 ?
  •  The Eid al-Adha 2013 ?
  •  When will take place Hajj on 2013?
  • The Islamic New Year in 2013?

 Ramadan 2013 ?

Ramadan should probably begin  by July10th, 2013 and will probably end by August 06th, on 2013 Inch’Allah.  

The Night of the fate ( Laylat-l-Qadr) on 2013?

Leylat Al-Qadr is planned during the last ten days of Ramadan: approximately July 30-August 05th, 2013.
This blessed night is very observed by the Muslims who are invited to make invocations, prayers, to recite the Koran, and to ask for forgiveness for the committed sins.
" The night of  the fate is generally situated in the last ten nights of the month of Ramadan, more exactly in the odd nights of this month. It varies from one year to the next according to certain revealing signs.
But most of the Oulémas (scholars, theologians in Islam) judge that it is the night of  the twenty seventh .
Literally " The night of The Power " or of the " Fate", it is a night in the course of which the Koran came down in its totality from the table kept for the sky of the world then in the soul of the Prophet.
The Koran, following the example of the other books, was revealed during the month of Ramadhan, for the first time, one night of the year 610 of the Christian era. This period is considered as particularly crowned because it is there that the Archangel Gabriel ( Jibril ) that the Peace of Allah is on Him, addressed for the first time the Prophet Mohammad. Twenty fifth in the chronological order, the sura 97 consists of five verses, inspiration ( mecquoise ). It describes this night being worth " more than one thousand months... The peace accompanies this night until the dawn. " It is said that Aïcha, that Allah approves her, explained that "Laylatoul Qadr" was the soul of the Prophet. "
Continuation of the article : http: // www.mosquee-escaudain.fr/la-nuit-du-destin-ou-laylatoul-qadr.html

Aïd Al-Fitr on 2013?

Aid El Fitr is the feast of the end of the month of Ramadan

The date of Aid El Fitr 2013 will be August  07th, 2013 Inch' Allah.

When will take place Hajj on 2013?

Hajj should be situated between October 13-16th, 2013 Inch’Allah.
Note: the exact dates of the Islamic feast cannot be determined in advance, because of the nature of the Islamic lunar calendar. The estimations are based on the visibility planned by Hilal ( The appearance of the crescent moon during the new moon ) according to the place.

The Eid al-Adha 2013?

Eid al-Adha is planned to be probably by October14th, on 2013 Inch’Allah.

The day of Arafa 2013 : when it is ?

 The day of Arafat should be situated near October 13th, 2013 Inch’Allah (9 Dhu al Hijja) 

The Islamic New Year on 1434 H./2013 : when it is ?

 The lunar Islamic calendar does not align itself with the Gregorian calendar, thus the Islamic New Year on 1434 H./2013 should be situated by November 4th, 2013 Inch’Allah.
The new year is not considered as a feast in Islam. But, it marks an important event of the Muslims history which is the Hegira: the departure of Mohammed from Mekka to Medina in 622 which led to the creation of the Muslim community ( Umma)

Events connected with the Islam.

Dates are given as an indicative guide

  •    Anniversary of the Prophet Mohamed ( SAWS) Mawlid : Jannuary 24 th, 2013
  •   2013 Achoura : November13th, 2013 : Feast of the martyr of Hussein, in the Shiism, wich is the feast of childhood in Sunnism .

Muslim holidays calendar for 2012, 2013, 2014

Al Mawlid (12 th Rabi' I)05/02/1224/01/1314/01/14
Al-Isra' (27 th Rajab)15/06/1204/06/1324/05/14
Laylat-l-Qadr (27 th Ramadan)13/08/1202/08/1322/07/14
Eid-Ul-Fitr (1st Shawwal) 18/08/1207/08/1327/07/14
Eid-Ul-Adha (10 th Dhu al-Hijjah)25/10/1214/10/1303/10/14
Islamic New Year (1 st Muharram)15/11/1204/11/1324/10/14
Ashura (10 th Muharram)24/11/1213/11/1302/11/14

Islamic calendar 2013/1434

Gregorian dateHegira  Lunar monthNumber of days
13/01/2013Sunday1stRabi' al-awwal Rabi' al-awwal 29days
11/02/2013Monday1stRabi' al-thaniRabi' al-thani30days
13/03/2013Wednesday1stJumada al-awwal Jumada I30days
12/04/2013Friday1stJumada al-thani Jumada II29days
07/09/2013Saturday1stDhu al-Qi'dahDhu al-Qi'dah29days
06/10/2013Sunday1stDhu al-Hijjah Dhu al-Hijjah 30days

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