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All Umrah+ packages

All Umrah+ packages

Latest Hajj and Umrah news

The Hajj 2014 and the virus of
The Saudi Ministry of Hajj is not going to reduce the number of pilgrims who are performing the Hajj this year because of the "Corona" virus,  and the situation in the holy places is very...

Advice for the pilgrim

Advice for the pilgrim


In Mecca, there’s a lack in signs and billboards but there is always landmarks especially the huge clock which is situated in front of the Haram’s door and serves as Kibla.

Media Space

Media Space
GO-Makkah marked its presence in the Hajj and Umrah exhibition for the year 2010 in Europe. This prominent presence generated the appreciation of our visitors as well as numerous professional contacts.



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The Hajj School

Qurbani (Udhiya) and Hadi
Qurbani (Udhiya) is traced back to the performance of the father of prophets Abraham. it commemorates his  willingness to sacrifice his son, who was replaced by an animal at the time of...