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All Umrah+ packages

All Umrah+ packages

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The visit to the holy land Palestine
Palestine has a special place in the heart of every Muslim, and she has a great importance and holiness because it is the land of the prophets and contains sacred Islamic monuments such as:  the...

Advice for the pilgrim

Advice for the pilgrim

Currency Exchange

At your arrival in Saudi Arabia, consider making your foreign exchange transactions in a bank, ideally away from commercial areas around Haram. Likewise, you get the best rates and avoid paying exorbitant commissions (especially during the days of...

Media Space

Media Space
GO-Makkah marked its presence in the Hajj and Umrah exhibition for the year 2010 in Europe. This prominent presence generated the appreciation of our visitors as well as numerous professional contacts.



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The Hajj School

Islam sets certain conditions under which it becomes compulsory for a Muslim to perform Hajj. One must possess: Physical and mental capability and can assure his family's...