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All Umrah+ packages

All Umrah+ packages

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Islamic - Hijjri New Year's 2014
It was the Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him -who created the Hijjri (Islamic) calendar and made the migration of the Prophet Muhammad ibn Abd Allah - peace be upon him - from...

Advice for the pilgrim

Advice for the pilgrim

Pratical advice

The prices of goods near the Haram are more expensive compared to those far from it especially 3 or 4 km away (however there are taxis 24/24 with cheap prices: 1 to SAR)

Media Space

Media Space
GO-Makkah marked its presence in the Hajj and Umrah exhibition for the year 2010 in Europe. This prominent presence generated the appreciation of our visitors as well as numerous professional contacts.



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Fatwas of Hajj : Mina
Fatwas of Hajj : Mina In Mina until midnight then leaves for Makkah and does not return until after Fajr Question: What is the ruling regarding one who remains in Mina until midnight, then...