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Take Coronavirus threat seriously – Health experts warn Hajj pilgrims
Health experts from the Association of British Hujjaj (pilgrims) UK ABH a national Hajj/Umrah organization working for the welfare and well-being of Hajj/Umrah pilgrims have issued a stern warning...

Advice for the pilgrim

Advice for the pilgrim


The four buildings situated in front of the Haram are 1 : “wakf al malak abdeaziz”, 2: Mecca towers center, 3- intercontinental hotel (dar al tawhid), 4-“al sawfa towers” center

Media Space

Media Space
GO-Makkah marked its presence in the Hajj and Umrah exhibition for the year 2010 in Europe. This prominent presence generated the appreciation of our visitors as well as numerous professional contacts.



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Fatwas On Tawaf
Fatwas On Tawaf (circumblation) Performing Tawaf far away from the Ka'bah Question: What is the ruling of performing Tawaf behind the standing place (Maqam Abraham) or behind the well of...